STB Type Tungsten Carbide Blanks

Properties of carbide for strips

                                       GRADE       ISO CODE      COBALT CONTENT      DENSITY              HARDNESS                  TRS

                                                                                                  (%)                           g/cm3                      HRA                          N/mm2  

                                         K10T             K05-K10                   4.5-6.0                   14.6-15.0                  92.7                           2200

                                          YG8                   K30                            8                        14.5-14.9                  89.5                           2400

                                          YG6                   K20                            6                        14.5-14.9                  90.5                           2200

                                          YG6X                K10                            6                         14.5-15.1                  91.5                          2100

                                          YL10.2              K30                           10                        14.4-14.8                  91.8                          3000

                                          YS2T             K30-M30                      10                        14.4-14.6                  92.0                          3000

                                         YG13X           K30-K40                       13                        14.1-14.4                  89.5                          3200

                                          YG15                 K40                            15                       13.9-14.2                  87.5                           3600

Performance and application recommended

YG6     It is used for hard wood, used for processing origianl wood, aluminum section bar, brass rod and cast iron.

YG6A  It has wear resistance higher than MK6, used for processing hard wood, original wood, aluminum section bar, brass rod and cast iron.

YG8    It has wear and percussion resistance, used for processing hard wood, soft wood, ferrous and non-ferrous.

YL10.2 It has wear resistance and strength comparatively higher, suitable for processing cast iron, non-ferrous, and non-metal materials.


We undertake other grades of strips according to customers' requirements.

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